Contributed talks:
Refined Enumerations of Totally Symmetric Self-Complementary Plane Partitions and Constant Term Identities
Masao Ishikawa
Representing Tropical Linear Spaces by Circuits
Josephine Yu and Debbie S. Yuster
Permutation Tableaux and the Asymmetric Exclusion Process
Sylvie Corteel And Lauren K. Williams
Dual Equivalence Graphs, Ribbon Tableaux and Macdonald Polynomials
Sami H. Assaf
A Bijection Between 2-Triangulations and Pairs of Non-Crossing Dyck Paths
Sergi Elizalde
Dual Graded Graphs for Kac-Moody Algebras
Thomas Lam and Mark Shimozono
An Additive Theorem Related to Latin Transversals
Zhi-Wei Sun
Increasing and Decreasing Sequences in Fillings of Moon Polyominoes
Martin Rubey
Non-Commutative Extensions of Classical Determinantal Identities
Matjaz Konvalinka and Igor Pak
The Alternating Sign Matrix Polytope
Jessica Striker
Nested Set Complexes of Dowling Lattices and Complexes of Dowling Trees
Emanuele Delucchi
Catalan's Intervals and Realizers of Triangulations
Olivier Bernardi and Nicolas Bonichon
Classifying Lattice Walks Restricted to the Quarter Plane
Marni Mishna
Catalan Tableaux and the Asymmetric Exclusion Process
Xavier G¨¦rard Viennot
Computer Algebra and Power Series With Positive Coefficients
Manuel Kauers
The Combinatorics of Associated Hermite Polynomials
Dan Drake
Algebraic Constructions on Set Partitions
Maxime Rey
On Double Hurwitz Numbers in Genus 0
Sergei Shadrin, Michael Shapiro, and Alek Vainshtein
q-Eulerian Polynomials: Excedance Number and Major Index
John Shareshiana and Michelle L. Wachs
Noncommutative Monomial Symmetric Functions
Lenny Tevlin
The Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon for Faces of Generalized Cluster Complexes
Sen-Peng Eu and Tung-Shan Fu
On the Structure of Regular $B_{2}$ Crystals
V. I. Danilov, A. V. Kavanov, and G. A. Koshevoy
Clusters, Noncrossing Partitions and the Coxeter Plane
Nathan Reading
A Combinatorial Classification of Skew Schur Functions
Peter R. W. McNamara and Stephanie van Willigenburg
Transversal and Cotransversal Matroids via Their Representations
Federico Ardila
Partially Directed Paths in a Symmetric Wedge
E. J. Janse van Rensburg, T. Prellberg, and A. Rechnitzer
Tabloids and Weighted Sums of Characters of Certain Modules of the Symmetric Groups
Yasuhide Numata
Contributed Posters:
Hopf Algebras of Diagrams
G. H. E. Duchamp, J-G. Luque, J-C. Novelli, C. Tollu, and F. Toumazet
Inequalities for Symmetric Means
Allison Cuttler, Curtis Greene, and Mark Skandera
Descent Patterns in Permutations
Amanda Riehl
Schur Function Identities and Hook Length Posets
Masao Ishikawa and Hiroyuki Tagawa
Alternating Subgroups of Coxeter Groups
Francesco Brenti, Victor Reiner, and Yuval Roichman
Grid Polygons From Permutations and Their Enumeration by the Kernel Method
Toufik Mansour and Simone Severini
Jacobi-Trudi Formula for Jack Functions of Rectangular Shapes and Hyperdeterminants
Sho Matsumoto
A Theory of General Combinatorial Differential Operators
Gilbert Labelle and Cédric Lamathe
Analysis of Some Exactly Solvable Diminishing Urn Models
Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Markus Kuba, and Alois Panholzer
Complexes of Directed Trees and Independence Complexes
Alexander Engström
Pattern-Avoiding Fillings of Rectangular Shapes
Vít Jelínek
Abstract Young Pairs for Coxeter Groups of Type D
Eli Bagno and Yona Cherniavsky
Demazure Atoms
Sarah Mason
Extended Quadratic Algebra and a Model of the Equivariant Cohomology Ring of Flag Varieties
Anatol N. Kirillov and Toshiaki Maeno
Characterizations of Flip-Accessibility for Domino Tilings of the Whole Plane
Olivier Bodini, Thomas Fernique and Éric Rémila
Macdonald Symmetric Functions for Partitions With Complex Parts
Michael J. Schlosser
Multiparking Functions, Graph Searching, and the Tutte Polynomial
Dimitrije Kostic and Catherine H. Yan
Unification of the Quintuple and Septuple Product Identities
Wenchang Chu and Qinglun Yan
Key Polynomials, Invariant Factors and an Action of the Symmetric Group on Young Tableaux
Olga Azenhas and Ricardo Mamede
Combinatorial Realisation of Hall-Littlewood Polynomials at t = -1
R. C. King and A. M. Hamel
Involutions Avoiding the Class of Permutations in $\mathfrak{S}_k$ With Prefix 12
W. M. B. Dukes and Toufik Mansour
On the Young-Fibonacci Insertion Algorithm
Janvier Nzeutchap
Major Indices, Mahonian Identities and Ordered Generating Systems
Robert Shwartz
On Uniquely k-Determined Permutations
Sergey Avgustinovich and Sergey Kitaev
Operations on Posets and Rational Identities of Type A
Adrien Boussicault
On Euler's Difference Table
Fanja Rakotondrajao
Compound Basis Arising From the Basic $A_{1}^{(1)}$-Module
Kazuya Aokage and Hiroshi Mizukawa
An Extension of the Foata Map to Standard Young Tableaux
J. Haglund, and L. Stevens
Elliptic Curve Groups and Chip-Firing Games
Gregg Musiker
The Hook Formula
Jason Bandlow
Variance for the Number of Maxima in Hypercubes and Generalized Euler¡¯s $\gamma$ Constants
Christian Costermans and Hoang Ngoc Minh
The Automorphism Group of a Finite p-Group is Almost Always a p-Group
Geir T. Helleloid and Ursula Martin
Generating Functions From the Point of View of Rota¨CBaxter Algebras
Li Guo
Dominique Gouyou-Beauchamps and Philippe Nadeau
Kazhdan-Lusztig Immanants III: Transition Matrices Between Canonical Bases of Immanants
Brendon Rhoades and Mark Skandera
The Combinatorics of the Garsia-Haiman Modules for Hook Shapes
Ron M. Adin, Jeffrey B. Remmel, and Yuval Roichman
Parameterized Telescoping Proves Algebraic Independence of Sums
Carsten Schneider
Dumont Permutations of the Third Kind
Alexander Burstein and Walter Stromquist
A Classification of Outerplanar K-Gonal 2-Trees
Martin A. Ducharme, Gilbert Labelle, Cédric Lamathe, and Pierre Leroux
Complete Decomposition of Dickson-Type Recursive Polynomials and a Related Diophantine Equation
Thomas Stoll
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