Last update 20/10/2015

Current PhD. students

  • Philippe Fabian , PhD Student, since Oct. 2017

  • Yigit Ugur , PhD Student, since Oct. 2016, Co-supervised with A. Zaidi

  • Tesnim Mekki , PhD Student, since Oct. 2015, Co-supervised with I. Djabri

Graduated Students

  • Djamila Bendouda, PhD Student, Oct. 2015-April 2018, Co-supervised with H. Haffaf

  • Maha Bouaziz, PhD Student, Oct. 2014-May 2017, Co-supervised with A. Belghith

  • Safa Hamdoun, PhD Student, Oct. 2013-June 2016, Co-supervised with Y. Doudane

  • Nadia Haddadou, PhD Student, Oct. 2010 - June 2014, Co-supervised with G. Roussel and Y. Doudane

  • Ibtissam Boulanouar, PhD Student, since Oct. 2010 (Co-supervised with M. Stéphane Lohier)

  • Sabrine KLOUJ, Master 2 student, University Paris 5
    Title : "Security and QoS Optimization Based on Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks", 5 months, 2012

  • Mr Guy Bertrand FEIMBITA, Master 2 student, University Paris-Est MLV
    Title: "Detection and Prevention of Jamming Attacks in WSN ", 5 months, 2012

  • Mr. Soulymane NDIAYE, Master I student, University Paris-Est MLV
    Title : "Routing with QoS for WSN under Tested Plateform", 5 months, 2011

  • Ms Amina Hasnaoui, Master student, University of Versailles Saint Quentin-Yvelines,
    Title: "Security With QoS in MWSNs", 5 months, 2011

  • Ms Nadia Haddadou, Master student, Paris6 university,
    Title: "Smart broadcast in Vehicular Sensor Networks (VSNs)", 6 months, 2010

  • Ms Hend Baklouti, Master student, SupCom,
    Title: "Optimization of the monitoring cost in sensor networks", 6 months, 2010

  • Mr. Nicolas Levain, Master student, Paris6 university,
    Title: "Quality of service in wireless multimedia sensor networks", 6 months, 2010

  • Mr. Sylvain Cherrier, Master student, Marne-la-Vallée University,
    Title: "Wireless Network Simulators Relevance Compared to a Real Testbed." 4 months, 2009

  • Ms Sinda Sahli, Master student, SupCom,
    Title: "Improving of Backoff algorithm in IEEE802.11", 4 months, 2008.

  • Mr. Tiago Etiene Queiroz, Master student, Avignon University,
    Title: "Smart virtual jamming attacks in IEEE802.11", 4 months, 2008

  • Mr. Deepak Diwakar, Master student, IIT Bombay (Inde),
    Title: "Relative Fairness in Mobile Ad hoc Networks", 6 months, 2007

  • Mr. Florent Babinet, Master student, Avignon university,
    Title: "Clustering algorithms in Mobile Ad hoc Networks", 4 months, 2006