Research Interest

A. Rachedi's research interests are in the field of wireless networking: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Vehicular-to-Everything communication (V2X), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G: Machine-Type-Communication (MTC), Devices-to-Devices communication (D2D), Multi-hop Cellular Network (MCN) with emphasis on architectures and protocols for quality of service and security.
Rachedi's currently focus is on these different activities:
- Internet of Things architectures, data transportation and communication: routing protocols, data collection/gathering, heterogeneous network technologies and interoperability, 5G (D2D resouces management, M2M/D2D coexistance)
- Wireless sensor networks (WSN): energy aware computing and communication systems (application to smart grid), objects (nodes) localization and tracking algorithms, monitoring mechanisms (application to ehealth, eldery assistance, etc)
- Vehicular Networks: MAC scheduling, dissemination protocol, relay nodes selection, trust models and secure communication protocols
- Quality of service provisioning at MAC and upper layers: cross-layer design, optimization and analytical models
- Security architecture and protocols, distributed trust models, key distribution and management, monitoring and detection mechnisms.