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Phylogenetic networks representation optimisation heuristic
Phylogenetic networks representation optimisation
, implemented in SplitsTree.

Research interests


Designing algorithms or studying structures to help solving problems biologists have, in particular in phylogeny, is my main research motivation. In particular, I've already worked on duplication trees (and how they resist to topological rearrangements) and the representation of phylogenetic networks (some special kind of planar graphs to be drawn automatically with constrained edge lengths).

My PhD thesis project is about phylogenetic networks, and the use of graph decompositions to build them. Which gives me an excellent transition to my other main area of research.

Graph Theory

I'm interested in many intersection graph classes, especially 2-interval graphs, and many restrictions or variations of this class. I'm focusing on the complexity (polynomial ou NP-complete?) of several recognition problems on these graph classes. This research started with my master's thesis, here is a translation of the tag cloud build from my thesis:

I'm also starting to study questions about more efficient algorithms, based on graph decompositions.

But also...

I'm trying to keep informed about other research areas: natural language processing, machine learning and social networks.