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Simon Joly, Patricia A. McLenachan and Peter J. Lockhart. A Statistical Approach for Distinguishing Hybridization and Incomplete Lineage Sorting. In The American Naturalist, Vol. 174(2):E54-E70, 2009.  
Keywords: hybridization, lineage sorting, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, reconstruction, statistical model.
Note: http://www.plantevolution.org/pdf/Joly&al_2009_AmNat.pdf.
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Barbara R. Holland, Steffi Benthin, Peter J. Lockhart, Vincent Moulton and Katharina Huber. Using supernetworks to distinguish hybridization from lineage-sorting. In BMCEB, Vol. 8(202), 2008.  
Keywords: explicit network, from unrooted trees, hybridization, lineage sorting, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, reconstruction, supernetwork.
Note: http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/1471-2148-8-202.
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Kim McBreen and Peter J. Lockhart. Reconstructing reticulate evolutionary histories of plants. In Trends in Plant Science, Vol. 11(8):103-122, 2006.  
Note: http://www.aseanbiodiversity.info/Abstract/51006032.pdf.

Richard C. Winkworth, David Bryant, Peter J. Lockhart, David Havell and Vincent Moulton. Biogeographic Interpretation of Splits Graphs: Least Squares Optimization of Branch Lengths. In Systematic Biology, Vol. 54(1):56-65, 2005.  
Keywords: abstract network, from distances, from network, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, reconstruction, split, split network.
Note: http://www.math.auckland.ac.nz/~bryant/Papers/05Biogeographic.pdf.

Barbara R. Holland, Katharina Huber, Vincent Moulton and Peter J. Lockhart. Using consensus networks to visualize contradictory evidence for species phylogeny. In MBE, Vol. 21(7):1459-1461, 2004.  
Keywords: consensus, from trees, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, split, visualization.
Note: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/molbev/msh145.
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Katharina Huber, Vincent Moulton, Peter J. Lockhart and Andreas W. M. Dress. Pruned Median Networks: A Technique for Reducing the Complexity of Median Networks. In MPE, Vol. 19(2):302-310, 2001.  
Keywords: abstract network, median network, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, split.
Note: http://dx.doi.org/10.1006/mpev.2001.0935.
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Daniel H. Huson, Tobias Kloepper, Peter J. Lockhart and Mike Steel. Reconstruction of Reticulate Networks from Gene Trees. In RECOMB05, Vol. 3500:233-249 of LNCS, springer, 2005.  
Keywords: from rooted trees, from splits, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, reconstruction, split, split network, visualization.
Note: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/11415770_18.