RT task creation, periodic execution study


You can ask for a validation of your result during the practicals. A complete report will be ask you as personal work for the validation of the unit.

Exercise 1

Under RTAI, create your first task "Hello World" :

Exercise 2

Propose a method to obtain a task which generate processor load, i.e. a task which try to complete active operation during a time C. Check out the generated load by printing into the terminal the executions time of your tasks.

Exercise 3

Considering the following task set:

T1 :C=1Period = 4Deadline = 4
T2 :C=2Period = 6Deadline = 6
T3 :C=3Period = 8Deadline = 8

T1 :C=2Period = 7Deadline = 7
T2 :C=2Period = 11Deadline = 11
T3 :C=5Period = 13Deadline = 13

Exercise 4 :

You can also try with the other configurations studied during lessons. Now: