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Some Advices

  • Be carefull before running an rtai aplication: check that there is no infinite loop, check that you free all ressources you allocate.
  • Trace tools do not scale very good. To correctly visualyze your system, use "printk" primitive and dmesg to see the kernel log.
  • Remember to make screen copy for your report.
  • Primitive rt_preempt_always()(see doc) permits to be sure that a task will always be preempted instantaneously by an higher priority task.
  • To avoid task execution on several processors, you can use int rt_task_int_cpuid(RT_TASK *task, void(*rt_thread)(int), int data, int stack_size, int priority, int uses_fpu, void(*signal)(void), unsigned int cpuid) instead of rt_task_init with value 0 for the last argument (cpuid).

Save your work !!!

Since your are not using your own session, you must save your work before leaving the tp room ! for example:
  • tar czf my_rtai_tp.tgz directory_to_archive to archive your work
  • scp my_rtai_tp.tgz to copy the archive on your esiee home directory