Vaucanson-G: History and Changes

A first version of the package, which would be numbered 0.1, was called Vaucanson and used by the authors in their papers between 2000 and 2003. But, at the same time, the authors were involved, in cooperation with the LRDE at EPITA, in the design of a C++ platform for programming automata, for which it was decided that there would be no better name than Vaucanson as well. We thus turned the name of the package for drawing automata to \VCSG.

Version 0.2 was issued in May 2003 and made available on the web together with the user's manual first version.

A series of bug corrections and slight improvements made us switch at some point to version 0.3.

Just before sending the package to CTAN, we undertook a full review of the code and updated the manual accordingly. We call it version 0.4. It is the last release before a completely new version of the package, with many more options , which is currently under work.

Oct 27 2008 : Version 0.4 New organisation of files, compliance with every version of pstricks and xcolor.

Jan 28 2008 : Small bug fix in vaucanson-g.sty.

Sep 13 2007 : New wrapper vaucanson-g.sty. The "pstricks1-10" option is no more required; the wrapper detects whether the patch is needed (Thanks to Akim Demaille).

Jul 24 2006 : Small bug fix

Jul 06 2006 : Small bug fix.

Jan 25 2006 : Patch for compliance with PSTricks 1-10 or more. New beamer style (option [beamer]).

Nov 02 2004 : Additional macro to draw "FinalStateVar".