16-th International Conference on

Formal Power Series and Algebraic
University of British Columbia, (Vancouver, Canada)
June 28 - July 2, 2004

Chairmen of the program committee: Jonathan Borwein, Julian West, Stephanie van Willigenburg

Chairman of the organizing committee: Julian West (Malaspina, Victoria, Canada)

Vancouver FPSAC'04 web site was hosted by PIMS

Papers and Posters:

List of Papers
Papers in a pdf file
Posters in a pdf file

Invited Speakers:

Norman Biggs (United Kingdom)
Louis Billera (USA)
Sara Billey (USA)
Takayuki Hibi (Japan)
Allen Knutson (USA)
Jean-Louis Loday (France)
Robin Pemantle (USA)
Anne Schilling (USA)

Best Student Paper Award:

Lauren Williams

Organizing Committee:

Julian West (Canada)
Nantel Bergeron (Canada)
Luis Goddyn (Canada)
Marni Mishna (France)
Tom Roby (Canada)
Frank Ruskey (Canada)
Stephanie van Willigenburg (Canada)

Program Committee:

Jonathan Borwein (Canada)
Mike Atkinson (Canada)
Nantel Bergeron (Canada)
Luisa Carini (Italie)
William Chen (Chine)
Sylvie Corteel (France)
Ira Gessel (USA)
Ian Goulden (Canada)
Michael Joswig (Germany)
Martin Klazar (Hongrie)
Christian Krattenthaler (France)
Gilbert Labelle (Canada)
Soichi Okada (Japon)
Margaret Readdy (USA)
Frank Sottile (USA)
Einar Steingrimsson (Sweden)
Julian West (Canada)
Stephanie van Willigenburg (Canada)

Sponsors of FPSAC'04:

National Science Foundation
National Security Agency
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
University of British Columbia
Simon Fraser University
University of Victoria

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