Install of MLAAGPU


This project have been developped on linux (ubuntu) using mainly opensource library. It is based on OpenGL, Glut and of course GLSL. The compilation is done using qmake. It should run (now) on 32 or 64-bit machine.

Library requiered

Some classical libraries are requiered like :

  • OpenGL and Glut along with GLSL
  • Glew which can be downloaded here
  • libjpeg and libpng which should already be installed on our system


The new test application containing all the necessary code to use our method can be downloaded here

NEW 24/03/2011 : New version of GPU TMLAA available with cleaner code and english translated commentaries ! Thanks a lot to L. Rahyen for all this translation work.

24/01/2011 : minor modifications : bug correction for visualization shaders + removing mesh.hpp/cpp and OpenKN links that were not used at all.

30/12/2010 : application have be redesigned : depth buffer loading, new shader for distance computation, pixel reconstruction using topological computation.

21/11/2010 : application have be corrected on : small mistake in area computation + english comments on shaders file + minor correction to allow 64-bit compilation (thanks to both L. Rahyen and Ryan T. Sammartino who find it)

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Install instruction

On linux, simply :

  1. Download the file ExportExtMorphoAA.tgz
  2. Type 'tar -xzf ExportExtMorphoAA.tgz'
  3. Go to the created directory ('cd ExportExtMorphoAA')
  4. Type 'qmake'
  5. Type 'make'
  6. Go to the bin directory 'cd bin'
  7. Execute the application './extended_mlaa'

Windows version not available for the moment