Publications related to 'Program JPrIME-DLTRS' : JPrIME-DLTRS, also called DELETERIOUS, is a Java application inferring an unknown gene tree in light of a known and dated species tree and known sequence data for the leaves, using the DLTRS model (duplication, loss, lateral transfer (LGT) events, and sequence evolution with a relaxed molecular clock). Available at
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Joel Sjöstrand, Ali Tofigh, Vincent Daubin, Lars Arvestad, Bengt Sennblad and Jens Lagergren. A Bayesian Method for Analyzing Lateral Gene Transfer. In Systematic Biology, Vol. 63(3):409-420, 2014.
Keywords: bayesian, duplication, from rooted trees, from sequences, from species tree, lateral gene transfer, loss, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program JPrIME-DLTRS, reconstruction.