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Lawrence A. David and Eric J. Alm. Rapid evolutionary innovation during an Archaean genetic expansion. In Nature, Vol. 469:93-96, 2011.  
Keywords: duplication, dynamic programming, from multilabeled tree, from rooted trees, from species tree, parsimony, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program Angst.
Note:, Program Angst described here.

Mukul S. Bansal, Eric J. Alm and Manolis Kellis. Efficient Algorithms for the Reconciliation Problem with Gene Duplication, Horizontal Transfer, and Loss. In ISMB12, Vol. 28(12):i283-i291 of BIO, 2012.  
Keywords: duplication, explicit network, from rooted trees, from species tree, lateral gene transfer, loss, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program Angst, Program Mowgli, Program RANGER-DTL, reconstruction.
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