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The AlgoB seminar

General information

A regular seminar of the AlgoB (Algorithmics for Bioinformatics) group of LIGM. It takes place mostly on

Tuesdays at 11:00 in 4B084
at LIGM, in the Copernic building (Cité Descartes).

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Forthcomming sessions

16/06/2015 Anthony Labarre: Sorting with forbidden intermediates

Past sessions

02/06/2015 Victorin Martin Detection of abnormal transcripts expressed in cancer cells
26/05/2015 Philippe Gambette Finding a tree in a phylogenetic network
12/05/2015 Karel Břinda RNF: a general framework to evaluate NGS read mappers
28/04/2015 Gregory Kucherov Spaced seeds improve metagenomic classification
14/04/2015 Both Emerite Neou Pattern matching for (213,231)-avoiding permutations


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